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Executive Assistant 

The role of the Executive Assistant is crucial to seeing the mission and vision of Shoreline City be pushed forward and sets the table to allow our Pastors to do all that God has mandated for them to do. As we continue to see revival and transformation in thousands of lives and families every week, we know we’re called to steward this outpouring with care and reverence. This role requires immense passion for ministry and Church, trustworthiness, boldness, a strong work-ethic, problem-solving skills, joy, emotional and spiritual intelligence, and leadership.  Our Pastors create an atmosphere of generosity, hospitality, excellence, love and leadership in every room they walk in. The person in this role must carry that same responsibility and spirit with every project that is placed in their hand. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: -High level administrative support -Making travel arrangements -Managing/coordinating/scheduling meetings and calendars -Keeping confidential information -Project management

Project Manager 

The Project Manager at Shoreline City Church is passionate about making it on Earth as it is in Heaven through organizational communication and 360 Leadership. This individual has a crucial role in ensuring our mission and vision are effectively communicated and executed, ultimately raising up Christ-like leaders. As we push the God-given vision of Shoreline City forward, we are looking to this individual to implement a project from vision conception to completion by collaborating with teams to facilitate successful projects, overseeing timelines and team, resources, and communication strategies to foster engagement and growth. This person is dedicated to ensuring clarity, consistency, and alignment while ensuring seamless logistics and exceptional experiences that align with our prayer goals. REQUIRED SKILLS: -Passionate commitment to Shoreline City Church’s mission and values -Proven experience in project management, event planning, or related fields -Strong organizational skills with a keen eye for detail and the ability to manage multiple priorities -Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to inspire and collaborate effectively -Creative thinker with the ability to translate vision into actionable plans and impactful outcomes -Success in high-paced environments -Flexible schedule DESIRED SKILLS: -Knowledge of

Graphic Designer

Creative designers at Shoreline City have the opportunity to tell the story of what God is doing in and through His Church in innovative, relevant, unique and impactful ways through every single department.  Beyond just creativity and skill, we’re looking for someone who is passionate about building the Church, raising up Christ-like leaders who make it on Earth as it is in Heaven, is hard-working, consistent, and loves to learn and grow in every area of their life. REQUIRED SKILLS: -Adobe Photoshop -Adobe Illustrator ADDITIONAL DESIRED SKILLS: -Adobe InDesign -UX/UI WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: -Designing social graphics, apparel, websites, printed signs, and screens across global Shoreline City campuses -Collaboration with other team members while building campaigns for events and services -To be challenged spiritually and relationally to grow and become all that God has called you to be through Leadership Talks, corporate prayer, leading teams, and pouring into our incredible Serve Team

Finance Manager 

The Finance Manager at Shoreline City Church has a heart for the house and desire to help push the vision forward through our resources. This individual has a keen attention to detail and a desire to play a part in a fast-paced, growing organization. Ideally, the Finance Manager communicates well with colleagues and third-party vendors and knows how to prioritize tasks with efficiency.  DESIRED SKILLS:  -Accounts Payable -Expense Reconciliation  -Knowledge and Experience with Netsuite

Elementary Director

The Elementary School Director at Shoreline City has the honor of overseeing all aspects of the BIGS ministry (1st-5th grade), ensuring a safe, life-giving, Jesus-centered atmosphere for every child! This person must live a life in love with Jesus, be passionate about raising up the next generation, possess strong communication and organizational skills, work effectively in a team-oriented and fast-paced environment, have an “all in” spirit, be passionate about developing teams, and creatively implement new ideas and strategies to push the vision of Shoreline City forward. You will partner with parents to raise up the next generation to become Christ-like leaders who make it on Earth as it is in Heaven. At Shoreline City, we are passionate about developing the leadership on the inside of every child to become everything God has called them to be!  DESIRED SKILLS -Design curriculum and learning materials -Create service content -Communicate with and equip extension campuses -Propose and implement creative and innovative strategies to reach families -Development, training, scheduling, and recruitment of serve team -Pastoral care -Project management -Budget management -Implementation of safety and security protocols -Create a life-giving environment

Human Resource Director 

The Human Resource Director at Shoreline City Church has a heart for the house and desire to effectively and efficiently ensure the right members of our team are equipped as we raise up Christ-like leaders who make it on Earth as it is in Heaven. This individual has experience in HR and knowledge of the best and most innovative practices in this area. They are teachable and adaptable to a fast-paced environment and have the ability to communicate well among colleagues and third-party vendors.

Database Manager

Shoreline City is on a mission to raise up and develop Christ-like leaders who make it on Earth as it is in Heaven! At Shoreline City, we care deeply for our Serve Team (volunteers) and are passionate about our team being loved, valued, seen, known and equipped to be all that God has called them to be!  The Database Manager uses tech knowledge to build out and maintain our internal database system to help us love, steward and care for every single person who comes through Shoreline City Church globally! This person is a systems engineer with a heart for people and understands that every system we use is simply set up to serve us as we serve people!  The Database Manager will not only master our current systems and processes, but also help us build and develop a better system that will sustain us into the future as we plant more campuses and serve many more people that God sends through our doors!  REQUIRED SKILLS:  -Deep understanding of systems and technology  -Very proficient with computers  -Detail-oriented leader -Experience with training teams is encouraged  -Innovative ideation to continue to build new systems and processes  -Strong analytical and critical thinking and technical troubleshooting skills -Perseverance and patience for change -Knowledge in web design/coding is encouraged but not required  WHAT TO EXPECT:  -Become an expert in Shoreline City’s current internal systems and help maximize the potential of each system  -Train global campuses on best use practices for each system  -Work with the Shoreline City Team to build out and develop a new internal database system to sustain future growth  -Help develop, build, train and troubleshoot new processes to manage people well internally  -Help project manage the launch of all future technology implementation at Shoreline City

Shoreline City is on a mission to raise up and develop Christ-like leaders who make it on Earth as it is in Heaven! At Shoreline City, we care deeply for our Serve Team (volunteers) and are passionate about our team being loved, valued, seen, known and equipped to be all that God has called them to be!  The Serve Team Manager helps us create and maintain our internal systems to allow us to love, serve and care for our SERVE TEAM OWNERS better than any organization in the world. We cannot do what we have been called to do without the beautiful sacrifice of so many on the Serve Team! Your job is to help care for them as they care for others.  The Serve Team Manager is a sharp and proactive administrative-minded individual who understands that every system actually exists in order for us to love and serve people well. This person will steward people from our membership class (JOIN) all the way to meeting their Serve Team Leader using our onboarding process and systems. This person will also help manage our leadership roles and rosters for all of our Serve Teams.  The Serve Team Manager is a true detail-oriented people-lover that is responsible for ensuring that not a single person goes overlooked or gets missed on their journey to become all that God has called them to be! REQUIRED SKILLS:  -Love for systems and technology  -Great with computers  -Detail-oriented  -Great communicator  -Proactive leadership  -Innovative ideation to continue to build new systems and processes  WHAT TO EXPECT:  -Utilize systems to ensure every person that has signed up to serve at Shoreline City is accounted for and pastored along the on-boarding process  -Help develop and perfect the on-boarding process for those wanting to serve at Shoreline City  -Oversee Shoreline City’s “5 ways to serve” for global campuses -Utilize Shoreline City’s scheduling system to schedule all serve team weekly across global campuses  -Ensure each serve team is equipped with people and resources to successfully serve people every single Sunday and event  -Help develop and shape leaders over each Serve Team at Shoreline City  -Help manage rosters and systems of people so no one goes missing  -Ensure every single serve team member is loved, cared for and accounted for

Serve Team Manager 

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