What Are 

SC Gatherings?

If you are a part of Shoreline City, we don't want you doing church alone! No matter WHERE you are and no matter HOW you prefer doing church with us on Sunday, there is a way for you not to do it alone! SC Campus? SC Neighborhood? SC Home? Let us know how you do church below!


SC2020: Nobody Does Church Alone

SC Home

If you are tuning in with us each week online, you are an SC Home! The way you can engage with us and other church family on Sundays is through the live chat! We LOVE seeing your names popup and chatting with you throughout service. All of the below are avenues we’ve created to connect specifically with you!

  • Virtual Prayer Rooms - offered during service each Sunday to pray 1 on 1 with you

  • Virtual Lobby - every Sunday after service to get to know you, answer any questions you may have about the church, and help connect you with other church family

  • Online Connect Groups - for you to grow and do life together with other church family

  • Online Growth Track - where you can learn more about the church, become an owner, and start serving online

  • Noon Prayer - everyday at 12p CST we pray with you LIVE on the @shoreline_city Instagram

We also have a VERY special little surprise we send to all of our SC Homes welcoming you to the family. All you have to do is register your SC Home and your surprise will be on its way!

SC Neighborhood

If you would like to experience church in small in-person gatherings, you can join or apply to host an SC Neighborhood today! It has been so powerful having small gatherings of friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers worship together in homes across the globe. We already have over 50 SC Neighborhoods in 4 countries and we are adding to that list each and every week.


If you apply to HOST an SC Neighborhood, you will be walked through an intentional interview + training to ensure you are equipped to curate a church experience in your home that is in unity with the culture and feel of other Shoreline City gatherings. It would be a GIFT to have you join us in bringing heaven to earth across the globe by opening up your home.


If you would like to JOIN an SC Neighborhood, you can request to join one TODAY! Click below, search by host name or zip code and message the host of your choice to join an SC Neighborhood near you!

SC Campus


Join us every Sunday for CHURCH in a COVID safe environment at 10AM + 11:45AM starting this Sunday, January 10th! 



SC2020: Nobody Does Church Alone

How is SC Neighborhood different from a 'home church'? 

SC Home + Neighborhood + Campus gatherings are part of the global Shoreline City family, covered by Shoreline City Lead Pastors Earl and Oneka McClellan. Hosts are intentionally trained, developed, and resourced by the Shoreline City team. Content shared during SC Neighborhood is prayed over and curated by the Shoreline City global team and reflects the unified vision, values, and beliefs of Shoreline City. A "home church" is often under its own leadership, creates its own content + culture, and is sometimes not connected at all to a home church structure. 

What should I expect if I go to an SC Neighborhood? 

A safe + great environment I Active viewing of the most recent Shoreline City service I Connecting with others I Prayer I An opportunity to give + grow.

Who is my pastor if I am part of an SC Home or SC Neighborhood gathering? 

SC Home + Neighborhood + Campus gatherings are part of the global Shoreline City family, covered by Shoreline City Lead Pastors Earl and Oneka McClellan. Similar to a Campus Pastor, we'll have pastoral leadership assigned to every SC Home + SC Neighborhood. 

Will SC Neighborhoods end once SC Campuses reopen? 

Nope! It is our dream and vision that you grow in your relationship with Christ and your relationship with those in your SC Neighborhood if that is your prefered gathering type for years to come. Once we return to in-person meetings, we do anticipate many SC Home + Neighborhood gatherings switching back to SC Campus gatherings. We also see a day where SC Neighborhoods grow into a SC Campus gathering. Just remember, we are on this journey for the glory of Christ, not the comforts of life.

I previously attended/served at an SC Campus. Am I able to switch to an SC Neighborhood or SC Home? 

Yes! It is completely up to you! Simply let your leader know. Our end goal is that you become a Christ-like leader who makes it on earth as it is in Heaven. No matter the gathering type you choose, you will be given access to development opportunities, connected to a community, and encouraged to grow into all that God has called you to be.

What is the difference between an SC Neighborhood and a Connect Group? Are they the same? 

SC Neighborhood gatherings are church at home with your favorite people. They are specific to engaging in the Sunday message + worship experience. A SC Neighborhood is a way to experience church. Connect Groups are designed for doing life with each other outside of the Sunday message + worship experience. Connect Groups can be focused around a common hobby, activity, book, or approved curriculum. 

Was your question not answered?

Please ask your Serve Team leader any additional questions. If you do not have a Serve Team leader, email


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