14 Days of Prayer is a two week period of prayer and fasting created to focus in on our relationship with God and fix our attention on what He is saying and doing in our own lives and in the lives around us! We believe that God wants to speak to us, heal us, and remove every boundary in our life over the next two weeks as we pray for miracles.


1/6 LUKE 3 | Pray that our hearts are prepared for all Jesus wants to do in 2020.

1/7 LUKE 4 | Pray for the word of God to fill our hearts so we can overcome temptation.

1/8 LUKE 5 | Pray we would see miracles in our lives, our church, and our community.

1/9 JUDGES 6 | Pray for the courage to be who God called us to be.

1/10 JUDGES 7 | Pray for the faith to stand even in moments of uncertainty.

1/11 JUDGES 8 | Pray for the confidence and strength to fight for the people God has called us to serve.

1/12 ROMANS 8 | Pray for the clear understanding of who we are in Christ.

1/13 ROMANS 12 | Pray our lives would reflect the character of Christ.

1/14 GENESIS 37 | Pray that we would dream God-sized dreams.

1/15 GENESIS 39 | Pray for the character to honor God even when no one is watching.

1/16 GENESIS 40 | Pray for a heart to serve with humility, honesty, and grace.

1/17 GENESIS 41 | Pray for us to be released from every prison as we step into our God-designed purpose.

1/18 ACTS 10 | Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill every part of our lives.

1/19 ACTS 11 | Pray for the passion to follow God's word and love every person He brings into our lives.


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